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The oversized abstract painting canvas means freedom

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The oversized abstract painting canvas means freedom.When I was a child, my father’s friend sent a large abstract painting canvas that is about the sea, symbolizing the desire to be free.
Later, her dad gave the painting to his six-year-old daughter, hoping that she would live free, unrestrained and happy. The second she got the painting, her daughter didn’t understand her father’s sustenance. Maybe it is because the father sent the painting to germinate the daughter’s abstract painting idea. Every day after that, her daughter would stick to her father and ask her to teach her how to draw and how to use color and painting. For a long time, my daughter herself also gradually understood the way to draw abstract paintings canvas.

   Contemporary Abstract Painting, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Large Acrylic Painting, Wall Paintings For Living Room, Red,White,Yellow,Blue
Contemporary Abstract Painting, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Large Acrylic Painting, Wall Paintings For Living Room, Red,White,Yellow,Blue

In addition, she also asked to go to study painting, when her father saw her daughter do as this, dad is not easy to refuse. although learning painting, the process is hard, but nothing can be obtained without effort. Think of here, well, that’s what she wants, as long as she likes it. That was it, and a few months later. One day, the father passed by her daughter’s room and quietly opened the door. What he saw his daughter who was totally different from the usual little mischievous behavior that cling to him. When he saw this, he showed a happy smile. At the same time, he closed the door and left quietly.
Perhaps because of the daughter’s love for large modern abstract painting canvas, and other friends who come in at the same time training want to than the teacher praise the daughter progress is very fast, the teacher told him that your daughter is gifted in this respect, which is more need to be properly cultivated in the future. And even this city abstract painting competition, also without pressure to win the first place. His father remembered what the teacher had said to her secretly .

Large Abstract Colorful Contemporary Painting Canvas Art
Large Abstract Colorful Contemporary Painting Canvas Art

The father still remembers, that day, his daughter happily with the cup rushed to himself, it seems to be that little mischievous, but, only he knows, the other side of the daughter quiet. He said to her, as long as you like, you must stick to it, do not choose to give up because of some difficulties. After listening to the father’s instruction, he daughter did not hesitate to say OK.
After a while, the daughter really had some difficulties in the creation of large contemporay abstract painting canvas, but she always remembered his father’s teaching, facing difficulties, on the face of the difficulties, and trying to overcome and solve it, and did not choose to give up. It was the most comforting place for her father. Slowly, her daughter took part in all kinds of abstract painting competitions one after another, and the result was a special ideal. At the same time, which let this father feel, his baby daughter seems to be more and more happy, and in this year, she really grow up a lot. The heart is very happy, this is not his initial expectations of him?
Well, a perfect abstract painting canvas derives from your like and the desire for the freedom.

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