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How to Place Decorative Oil Paintings on Stair Wall

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Because the stairs are long and narrow, it is often boring for people to walk through them. If the area of the wall is small, you can put some decorative Large Abstract Paintings along the staircase on one side of the staircase wall, which will let you go upstairs, especially as a beautiful journey of art gallery. If you feel that the wall is large and the layout is too monotonous, you can also let professional hand-painted companies to a specially customized hand-painted Large Abstract Canvas Art, the performance of hand-painted wall is more free, large-scale drawing can create a different feeling.


How to put decorative Black and White Abstract Canvas on the staircase wall? The best place to place the decorative Large Modern Wall Art corresponds to space: if the wall of the decorative painting is rectangular, choose the decorative Large Handmade Abstract Art with rectangular outer frame. The following specifications can be referred to: 60cm x 90cm, 60cm x 80cm, 50cm x 60cm. If the place is square, you can use decorative paintings with different specifications to activate the atmosphere, or you can choose decorative paintings similar to square frames. Now very popular three-piece decorative painting, four-piece decorative painting, multi-piece special-shaped decorative painting combination is also a good choice.

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