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Oversized wall arts-Bean Gilsdorf: like a politician.

William Powhida: yeah, after the “point”, Extra Large Modern Canvas Art we can start a different kind of conversation, usually they’ll understand that it’s designed as art, it’s a novel or a satire, and it’s not personal.
It comes from the perception of power structures and the roles that people play.
Christian viveros-faune, the critic, was the butt of my jokes, Abstract Painting Online Custom but he fully understood where it came from and still supported the work.
He was like, “I understand.”Minimalist Painting Canvas Art

Bean Gilsdorf: isn’t it, in a way, a form of flattery?
The “any news is good news” format.
People in power often get a lot of attention, and the attention they get in turn reinforces the power structure.

William Powhida: well, that’s the downside, so to speak, Big Modern & Contemporary Canvas Art
of just saying or associating with that name.
This is the reason why I created Ars Magica, which is an art world viewed through ritualized or witchcraft shots. Just saying its name gives it power.
But I’ve been hoping this isn’t just a reaffirmation of their power, I hope there’s some criticism that might be useful.
As for identification, I think it is also necessary for an artist.
You’ll see 30 or 40 exhibitions in Williamsburg, but only a few of them will impress you, so there’s this omission that can be seen as a critical model.
Recognition is a broad and demanding thing that can take over an artist’s life.Bean Gilsdorf: you talked about the social, emotional, and economic structures of the art world. They all seem very complex.
So, the complexity and the dissonance that is shown in the work is actually a reflection of what already exists.

William Powhida: you can also hold up a mirror and look at the art world, and you can show people the perfect mirror, but they don’t necessarily care.
The field has so much power.
I think there’s a thread to my work — “there’s a difference between knowing a lie and getting people to really care about it.”
This is an important aspect of these paintings that they capture as part of an artist’s emotional experience.

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