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Basic knowledge of oil painting market investment-oversized wall arts

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oversized wall arts-Although many oil paintings have appreciated in value,Great Big Canvas  as an emerging market their demand for capital is relatively small, so “it is a relatively easy market to enter”.
But the problem is that investing in paintings, like investing in other artworks,Black And White Painting requires some basic knowledge in order to truly understand their value.
There are already forgeries on the market because demand exceeds supply.
“Different painters at the same time and their different paintings at the same time, because of the historical conditions at that time and their different status in the history of art, the value of paintings will vary greatly.”
‘therefore, people who invest in art must have a good cultural background and historical knowledge,Contemporary Painting Mr. Hong said.”Unless you just want to buy a nice picture to hang at home.”
Several private bosses had paid big money for the painting, only to be found to be fake.
It’s a time “when you don’t know if you should tell them the truth.”
If you don’t have the expertise,ABSTRACT PAINTING LARGE CANVAS ART, HANDMADE BLACK WHITE GEOMETRIC ART, the industry’s advice is to delegate.
Even people with some cultural accomplishments are bound to communicate with collectors.

Four painters to watch
In the Chinese oil painting market, four groups of works increase in value more.
One is represented by xu beihong, Lin fengmian, chang yu, liu haijie early oil painters.
They are the founders of Chinese oil painting art, in the history of modern Chinese art has a high position.
Moreover, their works have gone through wars and wars.
The second is the works represented by zhao wuji, zhu dequn and wu guanzhong, whose works have integrated the essence of eastern and western cultures and have unique artistic expressions.
The third is an academic painter represented by Chen yifei, jin shangyi and Chen danqing.
Their realistic painting style with classicism tendency was first accepted by the market and has a broad and stable market foundation.
The last category is the contemporary painters represented by zhang xiaogang, fang lijun and wang guangyi. Their paintings are highly sought after by art collectors of the avant-garde school and highly praised by the western art market.
Tip: as an emerging market, the demand for oil painting is relatively small, so “it is a relatively easy market to enter”.
At the same time, investing in paintings, like investing in other artworks, requires some basic knowledge first. If you don’t have professional knowledge, you’d better entrust it to a special person. Even those who are quite cultured are bound to communicate more with collectors.

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