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Children’s room table lamps – what about children’s room table lamps

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Children’s room lamp – selection method
(1) position of the desk lamp: when children read and write,Great Big Canvas  the desk lamp should be in front of the left side of the desk to avoid blocking the light with the right hand.

(2) style of desk lamp: it is better to choose the lamp style that the light does not directly shine on children’s eyes and is fixed.

(3) lamp brightness: the lamp can use a 40-watt bulb or a 20-watt fluorescent lamp to achieve the illumination of 400-700 lux.

(4) reduce shading: when children are learning, they should not only turn on the lamp, but also turn on the light in the room, which can reduce the bad effect of shading on the eyes.

(5) the lamp should be updated in time: the lamp and the room should be kept clean regularly,Big Canvas Art and the lamp should be replaced in time when it is used for too long, or when it shines or the illumination is reduced, so as to ensure adequate illumination.

Children’s room table lamp – points for attention in children’s room table lamp selection
Lighting options: the latest research shows that fluorescent lamps are more likely to cause children’s nearsightedness than incandescent bulbs.
According to the study, 15.12 percent of the students in the fluorescent-lit classes saw their eyesight decline half a year later.
In classrooms with incandescent lighting, the rate of vision loss was only 4.6%.

Daily attention: when children read and write in dim light, they can often be persuaded by their parents, while reading and writing in strong light is often ignored by their parents.
In fact, bright light is also bad for the eyes.
Because sunlight contains ultraviolet and infrared, if often reads under strong light  ,Large Canvas Art Sale, too much under ultraviolet light eyes, eye conjunctiva in front of the white of the eye and cornea (black eyes expressionless) can damage, infrared penetration is stronger than ultraviolet ray, under infrared eyes, too much attention within the retina will be injured.

According to the above, we can know that when children are small to protect eyesight is necessary, the choice of desk lamp is very important to the health of the eyes, many children from elementary school already began to wear glasses, so as parents to protect children vision obligatory, all above methods of choosing desk lamp for children hope to be of help.

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