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Blue And White Tone Design In Oversized Wall Art

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The large area of white makes the apartment appear spacious and bright. The blue colors of the series are scattered everywhere, like a flying elf, fluttering their flickering wings. Create a sense of silence.

The bedroom design is practical and comfortable. Large windows gathered plenty of light and warm sunshine,Oversized Wall Art and the air smelled light and fresh. A large plain bed, with a blue backing bag and a variety of simple modeling furniture, the overall style is friendly and soft, making the bedroom look warm and extremely happy.

The lake blue embellishment is fresh and natural, helping the kitchen to abandon the greasy bad impression. The use of bright materials gives people a sense of calm and increases the sense of light transmission in space. Pure blue, and white kitchen cabinet to match appropriately, in the moment you step into the kitchen will be depressed mood.

Fresh and simple is the overall style of the bathroom, simple gray tone and blue jewelry decoration, for a small space to create a pure simple atmosphere.Fine collage of different wall materials is simple atmosphere, the combination of straight lines and glass makes the space more transparent and open in order.

In the overall white kitchen space, a large number of single colors are too empty and thin, and the background wall uses light blue glass in a small range to make this wall become the focus of sight. The light glass not only did not destroy the White sense of permeability, but also promoted the kitchen’s overall light inspiration.

Black cloth sofa with light gray cushion, both the effect of resistance to dirt will not let the room feel too dull. A simple set of TV cabinets, for the living room to leave more free space, it has a non-negligible storage function, which is a key to building a beautiful home.

White walls, white bedding, white wardrobe, and white shelves, the entire space immersed in a white comfortable atmosphere, giving the bedroom a clean, refreshing feeling.Light wooden ground with a blue and white bag of bedding, Make the entire bedroom quiet and a little more affinity.

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